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Hatched from an intense sexual complicity, the KinkyFrenchies quickly realized that the everyday life most people lead was not intended for them. Unable to live their passion to the fullest because of their increasing sexual urges, they had to find a convenient solution. Becoming swingers and playing on cam with other couples did not resolve the issue – it only made their sexual urges grow stronger! In 2007, the KinkyFrenchies discovered the amazing world of Livecam and decided to abandon the so-called conventional life in order to develop their new passion: SEXUAL IMPROVISATION!!! Pure, raw directed by you!!!

With the deep sexual bond that united them, they developed their passion with you, twisted and faithful members. With you, they have explored dark sides and taboo subjects. Thanks to you, they also have discovered new pleasures and orgasms! In response to the positive comments of the members following them, there was only one possible option for the KinkyFrenchies: to build their own site! They went about it slowly but surely, connecting with the right partners who, like them, believe that it is still possible to offer personalized service by giving members their full attention!

Man, woman, couple, gay, lesbian… whatever your orientation may be!!! By joining our site you will rediscover amateur adult entertainment and see how it is still possible to find customized quality service.

We could go on for ages about the KinkyFrenchies! About the multiple possibilities they offer, about their Kinky friends, or about what fate has in store for them. What we must keep in mind with the KinkyFrenchies is the very reason that brought them here before you: their newly-discovered passion for sexually improvising your fantasies.

Be kinky, be naughty and let your imagination run wild. See you inside!!!